• AnanasStepper 3.0

    A Servo Stepper for Multi-Axis Control

    AnanasStepper is a universal application, advanced motion control stepper motor that adds performance and precision to upgrade and improve any stepper driven machine.

    Maker You 3D Printing More Precise

    It can be easily and quickly installed to replace existing stepper motors from 3D printers.

    Compared to other steppers, AnanasStepper 3.0 has 15bit/0.01° ultra-high precision.

    Upgraded Your Desktop CNC

    Desktop CNC has become affordable and gives makers incredible flexibility when creating new produces.


    Make Your Robotic Arm Great Again

    It is an affordable and interesting way to upgrade your existing robotic arm, or even build one of your own.

    Inspire Your Own Innovations

    AnanasStepper is open source, working with an active and helpful community. It's possible to realize your inspiations comestrue.


    Smart & Closed-Loop

    The closed-loop system provides feedback and control as well as short transient and free oscillation times, the closed-loop system will not lose or gain steps.This results in greater accuracy, higher quality and smoother 3D prints.

    High Expansion

    AnanasStepper 3.0 can be adapted up to 200 times as a series connection. Multiple motors can be connected to one controllervia a single bus. Further more,AnanasStepper support USB conrtol.

    Miltiple Support

    With the feature of maker-friendly.AnanasStepper can be connected to the majority of hardware, including your PC, laptop, Ramps (3D Printer Platform), Raspberry Pi, BBBblacks, etc.

    Modular Design & Affordable Price

    AnanasStepper 3.0 is a modular designed gadget that can be easily and quickly installed to replace your existing stepper motor in almost any device.The users only need to upgrade the motor instead of purchasing an new device.

    Solid & Heat Dissipation Alumunum Cover

    Sleek, solid, heat dissipation, AnanasStepper 3.0 comes equipped with a dustproof aluminum cover that keeps your machine running longer, safer and more smoothly.


    Developed by Python and C/C++ programming languages. All design files are available under a permissive license and community & commercial support are available.

    Supports MAC OS, Linux and Windows

    AnanasStepper supports the majority of software systems, it can run on Max OS, Linux and Windows systems.

  • AnanasStepper

    $109 - $159

    A Servo Stepper for Multi-Axis Control

    Estimated delivery time June,2020